Insulation process

Then we carefully inject the low pressure foam into the wall, between studs, filling the entire cavity.

Note that there is no need for special breathing equipment or protective clothing.
After we spray the foam we clean up the injection site, plug the hole, patch the siding, and we’re done!

Insulation process Polyurethane spray foam can be sprayed in any open wall, floor, and attic cavity. With the closed cell foam we can get an r-value of 7 per inch. This is the highest R-value possible with any product on the market today. The foam is sprayed through our state of the art custom spray equipment. Our technicians are highly trained in spray foam applications.The advantages of foam are:
1. Highest R-value.
2.Air sealing of all cracks, holes, and penetrations throughout wood structures decreases the undesired air flow through the building and adds strength to the home.3.Prevents moisture damage as the foam seals off ways for water to enter the structure.4.Works very well in remodel situations were the wall cavity has a limited space for insulation.
5. Will not deteriorate over time like fiberglass.
6. Excellent soundproofing qualities.
7. Extremely lightweight and strong.
8. The best insulation available.Our batt insulation comes in blankets and is stapled into the wall cavities, or held in place with twine in the floor cavity. Attic batts are laid down between the rafters in the ceiling cavity directly above the heated space below.Attic insulation is blown-in using our powerful blowing machine. When finished it will look like a good layer of snow covering everything above the heated space to a depth of approximately 12 inches(material dependant). The advantage of blown-in insulation is a lower cost and a complete coverage that batts cannot provide in the attic. HOMEWHY GREEN
Thermco Retrofit Injection Foam Process

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